Christina Spring Shirt


Not only is Christina a cure for those grim days, but it is also a great addition to your old favourite pair of jeans, which you just won't ever throw away. In this shirt your looks will gain life and color. We named it after the protagonist of Woody Allen's film, Christina, an American woman who bravely experimented with life in Barcelona... and with Javier Bardem. The string at the bottom of the shirt allows you to adjust its length to your personal needs. This way Christina can be worn with high-waisted skirts or hiphuggers. In other words, it's just multipurpose! Additionally, it has a stand-up collar, buttons covered with fabric and the neckline is cut diagonally along the entire length of the shirt. That's why we humbly say that Christina is simply perfect and you just have to have one!

Material: 100% viscose - wood fibre fabric

The item was sewn in our small sewing room in Słupsk, northern Poland

Suitable for 30ºC machine wash, or cold water, eco programme. Please do not tumble dry. Reduce the whirling time. Iron as cold as possible on the left side.

With the right care, you can help make our clothes last for years.

Christina is designed to be a loose shirt. When you choose a size for yourself, consider whether you prefer it to fit your body tightly, or whether you want it to fit just comfortably. The most important measurement is the bust.

Our clothing sizes are generally averaged and you should have no problem choosing the right size. Please note that we measure our clothes flat and the dimensions may vary by +/- 2cm.

Bust91 cm95 cm99 cm103 cm
Waist92 cm96 cm100 cm 104 cm
Hips92 cm96 cm100 cm104 cm
Sleeve length60 cm60 cm61 cm61 cm
Total length56 cm57 cm59 cm61 cm


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