About us

Nalu Bodywear is apparel for women who love life, who laugh loudly and dance until dawn, who are everyday artists and who treat their clothing as an expression of art. If these words evoke familiar emotions, it is a sign that you are in the right place.In Nalu Bodywear we explore the theme of femininity and look at its different archetypes. Our designs range from airy, romantic and short, to long, witch-like dresses. We believe that clothes have the power to change our energy and mood. Our main purpose is to design clothes that make you feel wonderful. Nalu Bodywear was founded in 2017 by Aleksandra Hanuszewicz, who after years of travelling settled alone in the countryside near her hometown. Surrounded by silence and nature, she reached for a sewing machine and started sewing clothes for herself and for her friends. She says that she inherited her passion for making clothes from two grandmothers, who both wanted to be dressmakers.Nalu Bodywear offers only natural fabrics, which were produced in Europe. The brand is very much concerned about the environment, so when planning the collection, it does not create overproduction, while instead systematically sewing the models that are needed at a given point in time. The plastic consumption is reduced to the minimum. All orders are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes.


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