Dolce Far Niente

"Dolce far niente", or the sweetness of doing nothing, means pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness. It's about letting go of the tasks, ambitions and expectations placed on oneself, in order to fully immerse in ordinary being, to relax and even to get slightly bored.

The theme of the summer collection is a day in the life of an Italian artist. "We were supposed to go to Italy for a photo shoot, but the pandemic kept us in our homes. And it was the home and the art of spending time in it that inspired our photos," says the founder of Nalu Bodywear, Aleksandra Hanuszewicz. Our heroine spends a lazy day at her place. She has long conversations on the phone, she eats raspberries and paints her new picture. She's in no hurry. She enjoys every moment. Although she is alone at home, she likes to dress nicely. She does not do it for the appreciation or compliments, but for her own well-being. She knows that by changing clothes she also changes her mood and energy.

With this summer collection, the designer returns to her favourite vintage style, which this time intertwines with the spirit of the 1990s. "The 90s were the time of my early childhood, and all the pop culture that my older brother and television brought into my world. It was then that I internalized my first canons of feminine beauty and began to grasp the fashion, colours, cuts and proportions. I still believe that the fashion of that time was simply marvellous," says Aleksandra.

Flowery prints are a trademark of Nalu Bodywear. In this collection the label offers two designs of completely different characters, recalling the duality of the feminine nature. There are calf-length romantic vintage dresses as well as sexy shoulder straps taken straight from "Sex and the City". Kimono, the iconic piece of clothing of the label, in a new sandy colour can be matched with culotte pants in the same colour. There are also basic blouses with a characteristic square neckline, made of openwork cotton. All this is topped off with a classic, French-styled creamy shirt with a frilly collar.


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