The Heritage

What is your legacy? What do you want to leave behind?

The heroine of our story returns to her homeland after years of traveling to take care of her grandparents' property. Coming back to that place means for her coming back to her roots, to a deeper understanding of herself, who she is and where she comes from. Walking around the property as an adult woman, she meets herself from her earliest years and has a chance to reconnect with her inner child. As she wanders through her grandmother's beloved orchard, she feels reunited with the universe. Years of interacting with other cultures have made it easy for her to mix styles and tastes. Not only does she want to keep the tradition and the old order on the property, but she also wants to add a touch of modernity and other cultures to it. In fashion, her style balances between a noblewoman and a cowgirl, swinging from Parisian elegance to gypsy wilderness, and back. This alchemic combination expresses exactly what's inside her heart.

Our latest collection is a return to what we love the most - a mixture of vintage and boho style embedded in nature. The collection includes long, warm dresses as well as vintage shirts with stand-up collars. We have opted for bold style for you to fully present your individuality that will not pass unnoticed.


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