What's your rhythm?

Can you still keep your unique rhythm and be yourself while living in a big city, enjoying all its attractions? Do you ever let yourself be carried away by the vibe of the city, or do you rather carefully listen to your inner self? Each of us is unique and one of a kind. So, what is your rhythm?

The autumn collection is a tribute to the brave, indomitable, charismatic women who are not afraid to show their uniqueness, as well as to all of those who want to be like that. “I want women not to be dressed up, not to pretend to be someone else, just because 'the fashion says so'. I want the clothes to express wearers' interior and make them feel the best version of themselves”, explains Aleksandra Hanuszewicz, designer and Nalu founder.

Who is the protagonist of the newest collection? A Varsovian woman who knows exactly what she wants from life. She doesn't follow the herd, but lives by the words from Rosalie's lyrics saying "she knows herself and the rhythm she likes to dance to". And she likes dancing very much! She is an everyday artist and treats dressing as fun and a form of art.

Interiors and architecture are particularly noteworthy in the Nalu's autumn campaign. "That's our first session placed exclusively in a big city, and not in nature. We broke the harshness of modernist architecture with the elegance and splendor of Warsaw's bars, where our heroine dances to the rhythm of disco music until early morning” says the designer.

The most recent clothes are also Aleksandra's very personal projects.
"In my mind, I've overcome the barrier of wanting everyone to enjoy all my clothes. Now I'm showing what I genuinely feel deep into my soul. Some of the designs, such as the pink coat or the patterned suit, had been in my head for a long time, just waiting for the right time”.

The "What's your rhythm?" collection represents eclecticism with a distinct touch of the 70s style. A pointed collar shirt set with a vest and wide pants is an outfit taken straight from the movie "Saturday Night Fever". The disco mood has been combined with Nalu's representative romantic vintage dresses and bohemian ruffled shirts. Everything is complemented by oversized coats, skirts with a slit on the thigh and short sweaters, which perfectly match the high waist pants. Fabrics that were chosen for the latest collection are mainly ecological cotton, viscose and Italian wool.


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